Jovem Nerd – pixel art and sprite animations

This job consists in pixel art animations assets made for a mobile game project for Jovem Nerd, a famous brazilian podcasts website with geek related stuff. The project was holded by Phocus Interact.

The game was designed to be an 2d sidescroller endless runner, where you would play as Jovem Nerd mascot, runing on a post apocalyptical world, evading and jumping hazards and attacking enemies on ground or midair, with a lightsaber or sliding attack.

These arts was made in pixel-art, using de 16bit 90’s videogames(MegaDrive, Super NES, Arcade, etc) as inspiration. Each animation frame was made carefully, to give a more natural movement looking (as seen in games like Prince of Persia e Scott Pilgrim vs The World). Also I needed to scale them more to fit on smartphones higher resolution.

Conceito do jogo

Game concept skteches

For the enemies animations, initially, two kinds were made: a bully football player, as ground foe, and a flying “Trollface” meme creature. The game’s premise was to satirize the internet young culture.

The project, on the beginning had been worked well, it also had a playable test alpha. Although, after a while, they scrapped the game project.


For save this work, I created an animated HTML5 Canvas mockup footage. Click Here to play!.

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