Project WS Festas

As one of the semester projects, the proposal was a marketing and communication planning for a real company. The chosen one was WS Festas, a party stuff store.

The work was divided in these steps:

Problem identify on macro and microambient;

  • Market researches
  • Strategy planning
  • Communication planning
  • Creation planning
  • Media Planning

My focus was the communication and creation plannings, which had:

  • Company mascots
  • Website redesign
  • E-mail marketing templates
  • Video ad with some product offers

As improvements, we made a new and more inviting visual identity; the mascots were a magician boy and a fairy girl, in cartoonish style to captivate since de younger public until the older ones (parents).

The video ad was a strategy to promote new products and good offers, and making use of the new mascots. It would be a sporadic TV/Web ad.

The new website theme follows the previous one base, but offers new features and visual stuff, like headlines, semiotics for product categories, animations, modals for better product details, better navigation and a mobile version.


Group Members

  • Bruno Campestrini e Silva
  • Matheus Marques Vieira
  • Pâmela Helena da Silva
  • Pedro Ivo Reis
  • Thiago Oliveira
  • Denise Freitas