Master Sul – Website

Institutional website for Master Sul, a pest control company from São José dos Campos, São Paulo.


The company demanded an modern website, which would bring more credibility about their services, on an informal way, as initial marketing strategy.

On this scenario, the website was built over the current brand, considering its form and colors, avoiding visual pollutions.

Regarding the content, the services was segregated in categories; some contact forms was used as prospecting ways to bring leads such as  new clients, job appliances, customer support; Some photo treatment was used on banners and company’s pages; and mascots were designed for representing some common plagues that they use deal with, in a cartoonish style bringing more informality and proximity to the viewer.


  • New forms of digital communication
  • Responsive navigation
  • Extra content for curiousities for services pages,
  • Contact forms for leads captation
  • Photo manipulation and treatment
  • Character design for the company’s ‘mascots’
  • Back-end’s customization for the company feed the website with new content